Saturday, December 10, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

So I'm 32 now... the day passed without much incident. I got up, did my devotions, then got ready for my studies in Hebrew. I left for the PetSmart about 09:30, dropped off some mail and arrived at PetSmart by 10:30.

On my way to the PetSmart I received a call from Ted, using Skype! The quality was acceptible, about like a calling card dialing International; some echo, a little delay for him, but usable! My heart was gladdened by my brother's consideration, and I know his wife is ecstatic about being able to call home from Haiti!
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This was a good day for the shelter! I played the part of Santa while people brought their pets, big and small, to get their photo with Santa. Each photo package costs $8.95 (one dollar less with their club card), and $5 goes to the shelter! We had 33 packages, so that's $165 for the shelter! Sad to say, but this is the major source of income for the shelter... So we had a good day!

While I was playing Santa, I got a call from Cathy, who left a singing voicemail (Happy Birthday, of course). I also got a call from my aunt Adell, but I had to cut it short since it looked funny for Santa to be on a cell phone!

I got home and discovered that mom had made me a cake, from scratch! We'll be enjoying that after diner. The girls are going to watch a movie (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants?) while I study for my Hebrew final.

I'll post some photos later on! My throat is sticking... I hope I'm not coming down with something...

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