Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cathy's Improvements

I've been staying home sick the last couple of days... I'm not very productive when I'm sick (who is?), but I did manage to get a little studying done.

Yesterday Cathy got her final Hep A/B vaccination shots. People with Hepatitis C must not get Hep A or B, otherwise the combination is sure to kill them. So, Cathy got her third and final shots for Hep A/B, and now she is safe against them.

She's been getting up earlier this last week. Usually, she sleeps in until 1 P.M., but she got up about 11:30 the last few days. The Hep A/B vaccines will probably keep her in bed longer today, though.

Cathy plans on getting back to work... she's itching to work. I think staying home is slowly driving her batty. I convinced her that she isn't ready to go back this month, so we set a (pretty) firm date of March for her to return to work. She wants to go back sooner, but I want to wait and see, for her health's sake.

Though I did not feel up to going to work, or going to class last night, Cathy did manage to convince me to go out to dinner. Money has been tight recently, so we celebrated mildly by eating dinner at Cathy's favorite Sushi restaurant, Niko Niko (which translates to "smile"). Since Hep A is food-borne, especially in undercooked food, we haven't been able to eat Sushi since Cathy started treatment.

Niko Niko sounds Neko Neko in Japanese, which is "kitty kitty." That's probably what triggered me to go across the street to a pet store, where we also got some pretty new collars for the kitties... I'll probably post some photos later!

I woke this morning feeling better than yesterday; I think this will be my last sick day; I sure hope so, as I hate being an invalid. My nasal passages don't hurt anymore, so once the cogestion clears I'll probably be OK. I don't think I'm contagious anymore, so I'll probably go in to work tomorrow.

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