Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Eyelid Twitching - Argh

OK, so my right eyelid started to twitch the last week of November. I wasn't getting a lot of sleep, I was drinking lots of coffee, and I was looking at a computer screen all day at work and then all night at home (that's why they call it homework).

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I would be more worried, like, "quick, buy more life insurance", but Cathy assures me it isn't anything serious. She sounds confident, so either she knows something I don't, or she already bought that large life insurance policy on me and is just waiting for me to pop. :-p

Anyway, I did a little searching and really didn't find much. Perhaps the combination of stress, eye strain, coffee, sugar and lack of sleep is doing my eyelids in, I don't know. I've been getting more sleep, so I'll try cutting back on the caffeine. I guess I won't worry unless it persists or extends to other parts of my face. (eww)


  1. Like it's been twitching since November and is STILL twitching??? Yipes! That must be really annoying! Maybe God is trying to get your attention about something... :)

  2. :D yeah, I figured that, too. The irony is that I was working on a sermon about anxiety, and that's when my eyelids started twitching!

    It's getting fewer and less often now... *whew*

  3. Muscles twitch when you are dehydrated or lack potassium. This can happen to any muscle but eyes, arms and calf muscles seem to be the most commonly afflicted.

    The solution is to 1) quit drinking so much caffeine (which is a diurectic) or 2) increase your water consumption and 3) eat a couple bananas.

    cheers, Amy