Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Baching It Again

So, I'm being a bachelor for a few days again. Cathy & her mom are off to Northern California (the real one, way past Sacramento) to see some land she owns. The plots sell for $20,000 and I think she wants to get a feel for how it may be developing in the future. In the mean time, I'm on my own for four days, three nights!

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It is almost rediculous how lost I feel without my wife.

I suppose we were created to live in community. Very few people choose to live entirely alone or work alone. Those who do live alone usually have some form of companion in a cat or a dog. I've got plenty of cats and a dog, but I'm still lonely for my wife.

I'm 32, and I've forgotten how to be a bachelor. Perhaps I'll try to cook myself dinner. I certainly don't feel like starting a house project, although I may begin costructing that backyard enclosure. I have to get my car smogged... I guess I will find things to do!

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