Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lowest-Cost DSL

If you are thinking about getting DSL, here is the absolutely best deal I found, if you are starting from scratch. You must be in a SBC service area, though, so call 800-310-2355 to make sure. The current deal is $14.95 a month for a year, good through July 2005.

If you do not have SBC already ($35):
Switch to SBC or sign up for residential phone service online. For a short time, if you qualify, you'll get a $35 credit!

If you have a Best Buy near by ($75):
Before 07/31/2005, go to Best Buy, walk to their computer department and ask an employee to help you sign up for SBC DSL. You'll get a $75 gift card by mail after your first DSL bill. You'll get the DSL modem for free with an instant rebate on your first DSL bill from SBC. To save a few more ($7) dollars, pay for the modem in Best Buy and mail in the rebates yourself. I didn't want to deal with the rebates, though. This deal is better than signing up at SBC or Yahoo!

What We Ordered:
Cathy and I use our wirelss phones as our primary means of voice communication. We wanted DSL at home, and a fax line. So I order SBC's Basic Local Service for $5.70 a month, with JustCall Standard for Long Distance service (no monthly charge). We'll be able to receive calls, but we won't place calls on it often, and we'll never call long distance. We'll have our fax line and DSL for $20 plus taxes. :-)

If you are going to sign up for SBC services, do me a favor and use my referral code: CP0741001 and go to this web site: http://www.sbcreferral.com/Referral.asp

If SBC is not available, sign up for some DSL service through Best Buy because you'll still get the $75 credit. If Best Buy is not available, and SBC DSL is available, don't forget our referral code, OK?

As for DSL Extreme...
Yes, DSL Extreme offers $14.95 deals for SBC areas, but their deal does not last any longer than SBC, and they have a $60 activation fee. They do offer 5 dynamic IP addresses, but if you don't know what that is, you wouldn't care anyway. In short, I would stick with SBC DSL, with or without Best Buy.

Referral for SBC Services (CP0741001)
SBC Residential Phone Service
SBC Residential DSL Services

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  1. Hi there Blogger and fellow bloggers. So I see I find myself back here again. I figure it's high time I post something eh? It's strange that I always wind up back at this blog, I dunno if it is fate or if it is the great stories like Misc: Lowest-Cost DSL …lol. I suppose I should tell you to keep it up since I obviously love reading here so much. LoL, but really, do keep this up, otherwise I might have to find something else to do with my time (and we can’t have that now can we?) Anyway, I am off, to surf some more blogs with my spankin new 14.95 SBC Yahoo DSL. Laters Blogger