Monday, July 18, 2005

God has been good!

Cathy and I wanted to see our wedding photos. We've been married, what, almost 8.5 years now and we just got prints of our wedding. We were comparatively poor back when we were married. After the ceremony, we simply didn't have the money to get prints, so I had the film developed so they would not expire. Man, we've come a long way...

Let's see... Cathy's dress and hat cost $720 (back then that sounds like a lot to me), the flowers were $180, the tuxedos were $70 each at the erstwhile "Gary's Tux Shop", and we spent about $400 at Trader Joe's & Fedco on food and drinks, $200 for the reception hall we didn't use, $50 to the pastor, $200 for the musicians, $400 on invitations, $30 for the license, $200 on decorations, $400 on the cake... we handed out disdosable cameras in lieu of a photographer. By the time we added up all the costs, including the rehearsal dinner, we had our wedding for $3000.

Looking back, it seemed like so much money to spend! And to think we honestly did not have the cash to get prints of our wedding! Now we own a triplex and live very comfortably with adequate health insurance. I will likely graduate from seminary in two or three years and can think about full-time ministry in five to six years. God has been very good to us!


  1. Post some of the pics!! Pleeeaassseeee!! I would LOVE to see them! If not, can you bring them to church? :o)

  2. Somehow, that did not occur to me... how odd! I'll be sure to post some and bring the rest to church!