Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fun Motorcycle Debate

Cathy won't let me have a motorcycle. She says that bikes are just too dangerous. Today, as we were heading home from some errands, we saw a woman biker on a Halrey Davidson. I whinned, as I usually do, and this time Cathy actually said, "Go ahead, get a bike! You don't need my permission, anyway. You want one, just get one. I won't be happy about it, but it'll be OK."

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Yeah, that's right... she'll deny the whole thing if you ask her about it.

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Cathy is my lovely wife, but she can be such a bad girl!


  1. Lee,
    I actually want to get a motorcycle as well. What kind catches your eye? Something Fast? Something to cruise on? A little of both? I was also wondering if you got the link to the Church Jenn and the boys and I are going to and what you thought?

  2. I'm going to have to side with Cathy on this one, Lee. I DON'T believe such crazy words would come from her mouth. You men (that's right, I said "you men"!) seem to hear what you want to hear... ;o)

  3. Hey, Big-D! I'm thinking of a cruiser, something like the Honda Shadow VLX. I'd like the Honda Valkrie, but not at $27,000 RSRP! About 650cc is plenty for me

    Yeah, I got the link, thanks! Seems like a very nice church!

  4. Well Nicole, it's mostly a pipe dream anyway... [sigh]