Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So far...

So far, I've gotten 6 votes for http://LeeAndCathy.blogspot.com, two suggestions for "MeAndMrsJones" and one suggestion for "ZachysParents"... Even Cathy voted for LeeAndCathy, so I'm leaning that way (unless someone convinces me otherwise with a great suggestion).

I did notice that Google's Blogger does not (currently) support TrackBacks. And the photo posting isn't quite as slick as Microsoft's ActiveX controls... still, a lack of TrackBacks and the minor idiosyncrasies of the photo posting is barely noticable.

So, this week I'll begin my migration to www.Blogger.com. My friends Micah & Nicole and Derrick & Jenn are also over there already, so while I'll miss my friends the Van Zwienens (whom I attracted to MSN Spaces in the first place) I am still diving in.

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