Thursday, March 17, 2005


I believe it is important to make distinctions between one thing and another thing, between "this" and "that".

I believe in absolutes. I believe that there is a color black and a color white, and they are different for all living things with sight, providing they have the ability to perceive color.

I believe what is black is black regardless of my perception of it; if my faculties fail me, or the situation in which I find myself skews my perception of a black object, it remains black regardless of my perception of it. My perceptions do not change the object, regardless of how convinced I am that my perceptions are right.

I believe in a verifiable reality which remains universally true for all persons at all times. Often times it is the difference of a distinction, or an inadequate distinction, that fails to separate a person from faleshood or from harm. That which is praiseworthy is different than that which is blameworthy.

I believe there are terrorists in the world. I believe there are heros, and I believe there are criminals.

I believe in truth, and I believe it can be accurately perceived and grasped. Some people do not believe in absolute truth, but rather a reality which is realitve to a the language a community chooses to use. Based on this idea, some can claim that there are no terrorists in the world. That would mean there are no kidnappers in this world, for one man's kidnapper is another man's decent citizen.

I believe that is silly.

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