Monday, March 28, 2005

Some more on the Grand Pacific Palisades, Timeshares, and buying tips

Cathy and I did not go to The Flower Fields this past weekend. After asking the friendly folks at the ticket booth regarding the best time to visit, we decided to go back in the middle of April, when everything is in full bloom and the rains have yet to damage the flowers. We'll talk about that in a couple weeks.

As for the Grand Pacific Palisades (GPP), there was a catch (in hindsight, I'd have to say "duh"). We were invited to a tour of a timeshare after all.

Now, as timeshares go, I would have to say that this was very low-pressure. It was also an attractive purchase, but we already have that timeshare in Las Vegas we'd like to sell (we hardly go there), and we already have ownership stakes at WorldMark (thus allowing us to go everywhere we've wanted to go).

I must admit that the GPP was quite attractive, and I would have gladly traded our Las Vegas timeshare for it. GPP is very family-friendly and kid-friendly. It is literally between Legoland California and The Flower Fields. If we lived in Carlsbad or the surrounding area, it would be even more inticing as you get a free country-club-like environment to swim and excercise at, and they have weekly barbeques. The trading power in the RCI network is quite high, as well, and you can purchase 8-night cruises for about $800.

One tip, though... if you do intend to buy a timeshare, be sure to let them know you are interested, but in the end be sure to tell them "no." The follow-up person will offer you the same deal with incentives like a free cruise and no maintenance fees for the first year. You can always purchase then, for the same price, but get some extras. Cathy & I have been to a half-dozen of these, and there is always a follow-up person.

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