Monday, March 14, 2005

It's been FOREVER!

OK, it's been weeks. So what's new? It has been a long time since I've updated. I suppose it would be a little difficult for you to keep up if I don't say anything, huh?

Life has been hectic, that's for sure. Let me update you:

Ted went back to Haiti with his family on Tuesday, February 22nd and he just me today to say "hi." They've got wireless access in the home now, so we may do some long-distance Bible studies together. I'm looking forward to that!


I haven't done anything with the apartment in two weeks. Well, the bathroom sink is leaking, so that's new.


We discovered that our income and outflow did not overlap to a high enough degree. We concluded we would soon sink uner the collective pressure of our personal debt and commerical shortfall. Thus, we looked into refinancing our apartment and realized that we'd be spending over five years just breaking even from the pre-payment penalty.


Our apartment appraisal revealed that we did not have a significant increase in equity yet (all six months worth, that makes sense). We thought about selling, moving to Georgia, and starting over. Put the pre-payment penalty really kills that idea, too. If we refiance or sell, we're are just screwed. I take solice in the idea that God avenges, so I do not personally feel the need to strike out at the man who did this to us.

I contacted another mortgage company, and they came up with the notion of a HELOC and a re-fi after our prepayment period expires. We're going that route, which means I have two and a half years to finish school, because Wifey-Pooh is SOOOO ready to quit work.


I didn't want to make arrangements to get back into school and then announce that I was moving to Georgia. I'll be writing the registrar this week.


Well, my tooth probably needs a root canal. I got a cap on it, but that does not appear to be sufficient.


Michael & Sativa were married this past Saturday. I was an attendant, which was a honor for me. I'd post pictures, but my camera cable has mysteriously disappeared again (argh!).

Ian was baptised this past Saturday. Wifey-Pooh and I visited the VZs, and we had a great prayer and praise time. That, and my brothers in the Lord were involved in an emergency spiritual intervention while the rest of us prayed. The results are very encouraging.


I have successfully made my functions at church replacable by others. I created a CD-ROM with videos demonstrating the various functions I perform, along with explanations of where to get more help. If I were struck by a meteorite tomorrow, the computer systems would not come to a screeching halt.
Well, some things are being changed at church concerning Wifey-Pooh's involvement, and she is concerend that some mistakes are being made. It appears that Wifey-Pooh is being asked to train her replacement, and she would step down as Treasurer. If that were to happen, I believe we would no longer be able to attend for at least two reasons:

  1. no money for gas, and

  2. the mere social discomfort of attempting to have fellowship where you were essentially fired is too much to bear.

That should sum up a quick overview of what's been going on. I'm giving serious consideration to switching over to I'm just looking for a good name for Wifey-Pooh and me to use there.

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