Thursday, March 24, 2005

Grand Pacific Palisades and The Flower Fields

I was slightly envious reading of the mini-vacation Nicole is having. Therefore Cathy and I have accepted an invitation to visit the Grand Pacific Palisades and The Flower Fields (yes, the name includes the capitalized latters).

Somehow, my lovely Wifey-Pooh got on a list somewhere, and the promoters of the Grand Pacific Palisades wants to give her (and her spouse, that'd be me) a guided tour of GPP and tickets to TFF (I love TLAs), plus a weekend vacation somewhere and some gift certificates to retailers of her choice.

Naturally, I asked what the catch was... "Nothing," she said, "except they want us to tell our friends about the experience." I told her I would blog about it, and I'm hoping to finally suck Cathy into posting something herself. We'll probably go this weekend, so I'll post some photos and whatnot. At least I know I'll get some good shots of flowers and of the Joneses in 50 acres of Persian Buttercups.


  1. Take some beautiful pictures of the flowers for me! I always wanted to do that while we were living in San Diego, but we never got around to it! Have a great time!

  2. I'll be glad to... I love seeing pictures of your adventures!