Monday, March 21, 2005

Why I'm Switching from MSN Spaces to Google's Blogger

This is mostly for the benefit of the MSN Spaces team...

Here's what I like about MSN Spaces:

  1. Easy to post, friendly for novices
  2. Categories
  3. Cool photo albums

Here's what I don't like about MSN Spaces:

  1. Must use Internet Explorer to enjoy cool photo album
  2. Must use Internet Explorer to get WYSIWIG editing
  3. Lack of information on when Spaces comes out of Beta
    (it was already in Asia, for crying out loud)
    (what new features are coming?)
  4. Inability to edit HTML directly
  5. MUST use MSN Passport to sign in to post
  6. Really long URL names like

Here's what is attractive about Blogger:

  1. Shorter URL name
  2. I can use Firefox to post things
  3. I can edit the HTML directly
  4. Picasa 2
  5. Audio Blogging
  6. Email posting
  7. Ability to back-date posts (so I can port my posts from here to there)
  8. A community where I can find out the future of Blogger
  9. Team blogging (looking forward to that)

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