Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Try an Anagram

Did you know that "Joy! Enhanced stale." is an anagram for "Lee and Cathy Jones"? Or, "Joy! Cleanest he." for "Lee & Cathy Jones".

Neither did I... "Lee and Cathy" produced the less-appetizing "Deathly acne."

"laugh out loud" produced "Ugh! A loud lout."

Anyway, have a few minutes to kill? Try Sternest Meanings, a front-end for Anagram Genius. Sternest Meanings is also available as an AIM chatbot, which should give you a clue what "Sternest Meanings" may be an anagram for...


  1. Mine was Christ Became
    George W Bush was He grew bogus
    Fresh Start Vitorian Cat Shelter was The frostier anarchist clatters
    If I quit Fresh Start, do you thing it would change their anagram.

  2. That's pretty cool! My name didn't do anything interesting.

    I think you missed a "c" on the shelter name, though!

    webuser: Fresh Start Victorian Cat Shelter
    sternest: Faithless rat-catcher introverts.

    :-) Pretty fitting!