Monday, May 29, 2006

Lee & Cathy Both Sick Now

Well, now we're both sick.

I stayed home last Wednesday through Friday to get well. It is Monday now, and I am almost over my cold... Actually, I think it's the same flu I had three weeks ago, but I just never quite got over it. I suppose if you are going to get sick, Memorial Day weekend is the best time to take days off work.

Cathy picked up the flu, probably from me. Her symptoms are a little different, but with her treatment interfering with her immune system, she's actually a lot worse off than I was. :-(

What sucks is that Cathy is not allowed to take any time off for illness. Somehow, that was part of the agreement for her to go back to work. It seemed odd to me that any HR department would say, "you cannot take sick time anymore," but what do I know? I'm not sure that's actually legal, to be honest. Anyway, Cathy is thinking of using a vacation day to try to get well.

I'm going back to work tomorow, but if you read this, please pray for Cathy's recovery. Thank you.

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  1. Cathy is almost completely well now.

    The poor girl had a rough Monday and Tuesday (secondary infection in the eyes) and the cough has kept her up all night... but she's almost there!