Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cathy Update

I suppose it is about time that I give you some updates on the Joneses. To update you quickly on Cathy's progress. Her last shot is on August 18th, so it is just

Cathy just started thyroid shots about two weeks ago. She was feeling really tired, and now her energy level is more even. However, it appears her stress level is up, so some adjustments are needed. According to the book "Hep C: the first year", thyroid damage is common in treating Hep C, but the damage usually reverses itself after treatment ends. Thus, the thyroid supplements may only be a temporary necessity.

On a personal level, I am still praying that Cathy will be completely cured. We won't know for sure that the treatment really worked until after six months or even a year after the shots. However, Cathy & I are truly hopeful that the treatment will work completely, and I think the early detection and good initial response are good signs.

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  1. Can we vote?? I vote that she will live happily ever after!