Monday, May 15, 2006

Ellen the Kitten is Growing!

On the left is Ellen from May 7th, on the right is Ellen from May 14th. With one week between the two, you can compare the photos for how Ellen is developing and thriving.

This is a praise! Thank you for your prayers.

Ellen is now able to drink directly from the bottle. She started doing this on Friday. She also started cleaning herself and has become much more playful.

When she eats, Ellen's little ears bob with her sucking on the bottle. After her meal either Cathy or I will give her a belly rub which she enjoys immensely! She's not nearly as boney as she was just a week ago!
When the videos are verfied, I'll post links to them. To see videos of Ellen, click this Google Video search or click on the categories for kittens or Ellen.


  1. It looks like Ellen is thriving. Those are great shots.
    Thank you so much!!!!!!
    The Fresh Start Gang

  2. you are certainly more than welcome!

  3. I found your videos on Google and I adore watching little Ellen.

    I hope we can continue to watch her grow!

    Thanks for the videos!

  4. Hello! I saw Ellen the kitten on google videos, really really sweet cat, keep posting videos on google, we love watching them!

    Thanks, Robbie/16

  5. Thanks! She is cute, isn't she? You can see more of her... Kittens / Ellen.