Monday, May 08, 2006

Lee is Sick (but better)

Yeah, I'm sick. Friday I woke up with "really bad allergies" and went in to work. My voice started giving out on me about 10 A.M., and I decided I was coming down with a cold. I couldn't leave work since I had a trip to TN to plan. I took Zinc and Airborne and hoped for the best.

The cold only got worse. When I get a cold it usually takes me a week or more to recover. On Saturday the cold was present but seemed to be no worse. I went to my all-day class. I got tired, but not sickly. Saturday evening, however, I was getting a sinus headache and generaly feeling lousy.

Sunday was even worse. I am pretty certain I ran a fever Saturday night; I just couldn't stay warm, then I was really hot and sweated a lot. We got to church late and I kept to myself, and we left after communion. I doubt anyone even had a real chance to notice we were at church!

Cathy believes in homeopathic remedies. I was taking a sinus remedy and began taking "head cold relief" drops after church. The difference between conventional treatments and homeopathic rememdies is a matter of differing philosophies. Conventional medicine (e.g. Day-Quill) supress the body's response to sickness to make us feel better. Homeopathic rememdies boost the body's response to make us get well sooner.

So, on the Day-Quill plan, I would probably be sick for more than a week but I could tolerate the symptoms. On the homeopathic remedy plan, I was miserable from Sunday morning until bed time, but today I can tell I am on the mend. I am taking the day off work to rest (hence the updated blog), and I may not go in tomorrow, except to pick up stuff for the trip.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the misery I went through yesterday. But I would rather get it over with than to suffer for almost two weeks, like the last time I had a cold. Thankfully, Cathy and Rhonda have not picked it up from me (thank God).

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  1. So glad you are neginning to feel better! I hate being sick!

    Even though you were feeling icky on Sunday, I appreciate your helpfulness in getting us home. :) We made it safely and enjoyed the drive.