Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Tyranny of Tabbies

Cathy and I have three cats: a tuxedo, a tabby and a tortie. It just happened that way with no planning on our part, but the alliteration is interesting. Their respective names are not so harmonious (Zechariah, Malachi, and Fanny).

If you are a cat-lover, like me, then you understand the "Tyranny of Tabbies." It is the harmless yet disruptive interference which felines create in our daily lives because they are just too cute to be disturbed. In our house, it can be either the tabby or the tortie, depending on what you are engaged in at the time.

Right now, it is the tyranny of the tabby. Cathy wants to go to sleep, as do I. I climb under the sheets but Cathy is pinned down by our tabby. The tabby is just too comfortable to be disturbed, so Cathy lays still, pettying the tabby until she decides to relocate of her own accord.

When I am engaged in sutdying Scripture, my tortie will often jump into my lap and demand to be stroked and cuddled. I stratch and pet and stroke and cuddle, but our tortie knows that my full attention is not upon her, so sh'e'll keep pokng her head between me and the written word. I'll maneuver the book or adjust my position, and our tortie just keeps trying. This one doesn't give up: I have to put her down before I can read in peace.

Our tuxedo is demanding, but dignified. She doesn't meow or mew like or tabby and she won't compete so directly with a book like our tortie. Our tuxedo wlill simply place herself in plain sight, near at hand, and stare quietly but intently until she gets the loving affection she so rightfully deserves.

Hm... I love cats. I'm very glad God made cats to nuzzle us, knead us and to need us. :-)

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