Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Priase and Prayer Items

A couple of praise items: much to my surprise, my car passed smog last Thursday. I honestly expected it to fail. However, even more suprising is that my MIL (Rhonda) had her smog test, and her car passed, too! It really smells bad when it is running, and the batter dies after sitting more than two days.

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A couple of prayer requests: the fine California State Disability Insurance program cut Cathy off on 01/01/2006 without warning pending another written note from her doctor. Cathy noticed that the check for the 15th never arrived... so she found out they cut her off. Her doctor will be writing on the required forms, but for now we are very strapped on cash.

Also, I'm going back to school. Given Cathy's health and our mutual desire for her to discontinue working outside the home, I'm attempting to speed up my degree completion. I could drop out of the MDiv program and get an M.A. instead. I met with my guidance counselor yesterday and have an appointment on Friday to discuss the possibilities with the Registrar.

Finally, I still feel a little bitter towards the head of the Registrar, so I could use some prayer, there, too.


  1. Glad to hear your cars passsed - but very sorry to hear about Cathy's insurance. Yikes! Fortunately, our God is a faithful God and He will provide. :)

  2. Did I mention that SDI has been restored? It has, thank God!