Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Classes Begin!

As I previously mentioned, Cathy's not confident she can continue to work at Biola for an extended period of time. She enjoys her job (so long as she's busy), but we would both like for her work at home, if possible. It was thus that I met with my academic counselor and the registrar last week. Together, we discovered that my fiasco last year probably set me back three semesters, instead of the two semesters I spent attempting a hybrid ciriculum. I may only have two semesters left for classes, I may have to cut out my classes and switch from MDiv to M.A.

There's a good chance I'll get into most of the classes available to me this semester. I have five required classes before I graduate, and I am attempting to get into three this week. There's a good chance I'll get two, if not all three, of the classes I need.

I am concerned about the 1-unit class I am registered for. There's 6~7 books required and the workload promises to be quite high.

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