Sunday, January 08, 2006

Reminder of God's Goodness

God is good. Here's a reminder.

Cathy & I were eating breakfast. I do not know how the conversation turned to such a morbid subject, but I wondered what would have happened if the shots did not work on Cathy.

Shortly after Thanksgiving we received test results indicating that the Hepatitis C treatment was working. This was great news! It means that the existing treatment and the acompanying side-effects were worthwhile.

It was not until recently until I considered the "what-if" scenarios. What if the treatment was not working? Actually, I just brought that up with Cathy at breakfast. With Cathy's Hep-C and the addition of her fatty liver (yes, your liver can be fat even if you are not), the doctor suggested that her liver would fail within six years if the conditions were left untreated.

Six years! If these shots did not work, Cathy would have needed a new liver by 2010. With a transplant, she would live for five, maybe six years, and that would be it. Ctahy would die by 2016, and I would be a windower at 43.

Instead, the shots are working. I hadn't really considered what the alternative would have been. God is good, very good. I look forward to the day that Cathy is completely cured!

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