Saturday, February 17, 2007

Update since our Anniversary

God is good to us. Let's see... what are some things I have not shared recently?

On Feb 8th, the day after our 10th anniversary, I dropped off Boaz (our new Russian Blue kitty) to have him neutered, and I dropped off Oliver for a minor surgery to correct what appeared to be a hernia. Boaz came home that night oblivious to the fact that he no longer had those cute little balls between his legs; he was as playful and active as if he had never left the house. Oliver, on the other hand, was pretty drugged up. It turns out the little bump we thought was a hernia was a non-cancerous growth. He pulls hard on that leash, and sometimes Oliver charges off and gets caught short by the leash, so I thought he had hurt himself that way. Well, it was a fatty growth of some sort, about the size of a grapefruit! It's been a week, and Oliver is back to his happy, yappy self.

On Saturday, February 10th, Cathy confessed to me that she felt awkward about the new ring. Apparently, people thought she was engaged instead of married. The new ring has no "wedding band" and Robbin's Brothers is a engagement ring store, so I suppose that makes sense. We went down and I picked out a thin, diamond eternity band for her that didn't steal attention away from her ring.

We got out of church Sunday and Cathy felt that we were spending too much on the ring, so she convinced me to go back to Robbin's Brothers to get something less expensive. We traded the eternity band in for a smaller wedding band, and we ordered the same ring in Palladium instead of Platinum. That saved a sizable sum and covered the difference in purchasing the new wedding band. So, Cathy will have the same center stone mounted in a different ring eight weeks from now.

We had a discussion about rings one night. Cathy wanted to know if I wanted another ring; I do not. To me, the very material that comprises the ring is what is, to me, the symbol of our love. For Cathy, if every component of the ring was gradually damaged and replaced, so that seven years later the entire ring was composed of material not present in the original ring, it is the same symbol to her. For me, the material and the symbol are related. For Cathy, the form of the symbol does not matter much. We compromised on the ring changes by keeping the center stone. I only hope the channel diamonds are as good as what Cathy has now.

The day before Valentine's Day, Cathy took the day off to get some lab tests done. She's probably taken 10 tests in the last month. The test taken on Tuesday the Thirteenth includes her final Hepatitis C test; Kaiser has to cultivate the RNA so we will get the results in two weeks. (Finally!)

The day Valentine's Day was uneventful, although I did take Cathy out to dinner.


  1. I like the way you two talk, and relate to each other. You have a great relationship.