Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cathy's been fired

First, thanks be to God, who is gracious and hears our prayers. He's always been good, and today is no different. Today's trial does not change that.

Second, my wife just got fired. It came as a shock to us both. At this point, I am most concerned with the health coverage for my wife's follow-up exams. Well, there's income, too...

Anyway, we have a new prayer request. I'll update as we go...


  1. Oh no! Well, God will continue to provide for you both, no doubt.

    In case Cathy's interested, Lewis is always hiring for different positions. Check out current job openings here. (Employees get free health coverage for themselves.) Let me know if she's interested.

  2. You'll see the next post soon enough, but her employment status is currently undetermined! Interesting, no?