Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ten Years of Marriage!

Today's our 10th anniversary!

Anyway, I saw this comic at Moderately Confused today (of all days); it seems apropos. I'll be bound by (what I consider) a sizable amount of debt, but I'm anticipating the look on Cathy's face for tonight and months to come.

Seriously, though... I picked up the ring yesterday and actually had the jeweler show me the GIA laser inscription before I left (you can only see it at 30x magnification).

Cathy will be very please, I think, with how the evening progresses. Don't tell (and she's gone home by now, I think, so she won't read this), but I am taking her to a really fancy restaurant in Fullerton. I had to make reservations a month in advanced, and I have her convinced that we didn't get a table. :-)


  1. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Bravo, Lee! I'm sure Cathy will be absolutely thrilled. I'm looking forward to hearing about her reaction.

  3. Congratulations & Happy 10th, Lee & Cathy!

    Carl, Ruby & Family