Monday, October 17, 2005

Vito the Kitten Update

Vito has gotten even cuter! He now drinks water from the bowl, and he runs like the wind! I've gotta get some video of that.

I think he's cutest when he sleeps, though. He prefers to sleep on the tile, oddly enough. Vito also tends to clean both of his front paws at once, which looks like he's praying. How cute!

In a week or two he will be ready to be neutered; Toms are not allowed to be adopted out intact. Pretty soon, we'll be taking him to the adoption center on the weekends to look for a good, permanent home. *sigh*


  1. Yeah... mom's getting kinda attached. It doesn't help that Vito climbs under her sheets at night to curl up against her. :-)

  2. He is getting so doesn't seem that long ago we found him helpless in the guys have done such a wonderful job...We miss him very much...How much is it to adopt ?

  3. Hi Lara! I believe it is $75... yup, it is. More info is at We'll be taking him to and from the PetsMart on Saturdays, so you can come by to visit him!