Sunday, October 02, 2005

Photo: Vito is Growing Up!

Vito is certainly growing up! Over this last week, Cathy weaned him, so Vito is now off the bottle completely! He is also potty-trained now, so he's free to roam the aparmen for longer periods of time with less supervision. Vito has taken a liking to Rhonda, but she is trying real hard not to get attached. :-)

We've been trying to do better with each litter. This time, we're acclimating Vito to the dog. We didn't do that with Fanny, and she can't stand Oliver. We're also trying to get Vito used to being fed by different people, and different foods. Vito has gotten used to the dog already, and we've had as many friends handle him as possible.

In fact, Laura came over to visit yesterday. She stayed for quite a while and delighted Cathy with her company; she's actually the first friend to visit Cathy. Anyway, here's Vito relaxing in Laura's arms.

Zechariah, our tuxedo, is very mothering to Vito. She taught him to bathe. Our mom (Rhonda) has a 7-month-old kitten, and he's been playing with Vito. Malachi tries to play with Vito but isn't sure what to do with him just yet.

I have uploaded videos of Vito running, wrestling, and bathing. The links should go live in less than 24 hours.


  1. Grandma is watching Vito grow and is so proud of him. He had such a sad start and he looks happy and content. We go on missing him, he will not let go of our hearts. Mama Lara still cries. We are very thankful for the pictures and the commentary....our love and thanks to you.

  2. Hi, I stumbled on a video of Vito and his first meal so I searched out all your other videos of Vito. I have a 7 month old red and white male that I got from Friends of Strays when he was 12 weeks old. This is the youngest I've had a cat so I enjoyed seeing your videos. Good luck with Vito!

  3. Thanks! I miss the little guy... he went to his new parents at ~10 weeks. I'm starting to not miss him now. He'd be 12 weeks right about now, I think!

  4. Hello. I stumbled upon some videos of Vito on google and had to say that he is the cutest thing! I too raised a kitten from the time he was just barely able to open his eyes and fed him by bottle. It sure was hard to give him away but knowing he went to a home is the best reward. I'm sure Vito is really happy in his new home too.

  5. Same here ^^ :)

    ......can I have your kitty? What do you mean no? :)

  6. I came across a link to Vito on Livejournal. He is so completely adorable! Thank you for sharing the videos with us.