Saturday, October 15, 2005

New Link: Del Rosarios

I want to point out our friends, Mikel & Christine Del Rosarios, who are in the Philippines as missionaries. We are glad to know them and love what they are doing. You can also check out their blog which chronicles these early months after their arrival.


  1. Could be viral. How's his appetite? Any problems with the his elimination? This may be easier to handle by email... check the lower left of my main blog page.

    If it is a bug, you'd need to get the meds at a feed store (say, Upland Feed) or at a vet. I wouldn't wait.

    They're a bit expensive, but Terra Vista is pretty good at what they do. One of the doctors has really good bedside manner, and the other (Cailletau?) tends to run too darned many tests before actually treating the pet.

  2. My cat had a cyst for a long time before I detected it. You can read about it here. She had a good appetite while she lost weight; she was hungry but just wasn't able to get enough food.

    You may want to probe your mom's cat for lumps or hard spots, just in case. The deworming only takes a few days, so keep a close eye on him.

    You may want to check if he is dehydrated by pinching the skin on the back of his neck; if it bounces right back, he's hydrated, but if it sinks back onto his neck he needs water.