Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update on Cathy's dad - stable and needs MRI

So here's the latest news: not much has changed since 36 hours ago.

The docs say that the bleeding was due to a blow to the head, so perhaps a fall? We're not sure, and he doesn't remember.

Dad was blind, unable to speak, and unable to move on Sunday. When they revived him he was rather combative, but that's normal when you wake up and are restrained and have tubes and needles in you.

Dad needs a second MRI to see if the bleeding is stopped, slowing, or getting worse. They can't sedate him as that could mask neurological damage, and the pain and pressure on his brain is making dad drift in and out of consciousness. He can see, move, and converse, but the pain and drugs are making him rather confused.

The nurses tell us that, given his initial 12 hours, this is nothing short of miraculous.

The next step is to get a second MRI, but as dad is drifting in and out of consciousness, they can't get him to lay still for 45 minutes. They may sedate him after all... that's what I heard as of yesterday.

Dad's right leg is still numb; while he can feel it, he can't move it. They think this is an aggravation of an old back injury, so there's not much worry about this (OK...).

So far, is no news good news? My sis-in-law, Tracy, teaches nursing and suggested that dad just needs rest and his wife at his side so they can finally do a MRI; everybody might as well rest at home.

We're still praying regularly and expectantly. God has been merciful again. Please keep praying. :-)


  1. My God is in the miricle business and that is what I am expecting...
    -praying along side...