Monday, January 28, 2008

Got my passport and tickets, leaving tonight

Thank God, I've got my passport and my tickets. I leave tonight from LAX and will arrive on Wednesday early morning, I belive (not sure).

This is going to hit us hard financially. It will cost about $1200 just getting there between the ticket ($970) and all the fees and taxes. Once there, I only have until Monday (USA time) of paid days off, and after that I am on unpaid leave. I won't get paid from church (I'm a contractor, not an employee) and I won't be doing any side jobs. So, it's a lot more money out and less money in. Well, God will take care of that, too, and I will do what I can when I get back. That also means I will probably be back by next Wednesday.

I've left a message for Veteran Affairs, but they have not called back yet. A review of their web site seems to indicate that my mother is elligible for annual monetary benefits. There is also some form of medical benefit, too. I would have to make up the shortfall, and I still think it would be easier here instead of there. But, I will have to talk with mom and assess the situation when I get there.

Please pray for safe travel and successful entry into Taiwan. I will need wisdom and discernment in reviewing my mom's situation. When the right course is apparent, I will need cooperation from my mother. Please also pray for God's provision and protection over Cathy while I am away. And, please thank Him for providing the means to go today.

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  1. Lee my prayers are with you. The Lord will see you through this time...