Friday, January 19, 2007

Update on the Joneses

OK, finally, an update on Lee & Cathy. My class, recovering from the cold, my internship, and preparing for the new part-time job is taking up most of my time. So, quick update!

We had a great time over New Year's Eve down in San Diego. Cathy is feeling much better, apparently, as she was able to walk the entire time at Sea World. This last week, she suddently started decorating the house and has taken up beading again. In about four weeks, Cathy will get the second (and final?) blood test to make sure the Hepatitis C is complete gone.

I caught a cold on New Year's Eve and it took me about 10 day to overcome the major symptoms, though I still feel some lingering effects. Cathy caught something as well, but she had a cough instead and got well faster than I.

I am taking a three-unit elective class on prayer; very practical! Regular semester classes start in February, right before our anniversary. We've been married ten years (in three weeks)! I got a new part-time job which should cover the cost of the ring.

And... I got a webcam for Christmas. I'd like to set up a "kitty cam" but I should buy a second cam, I think...

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