Monday, January 08, 2007

Interesting Things I Saw While Sick

I didn't do much on January 1 to 3, but the evening of January 3rd I began to feel better and browsed the web a little bit. I saw some interesting things while I was under the weather, so I figured I would share.
  1. First, I saw some armor for my cats (see this previous post).
  2. Second, I saw this video of a cool minicar/trike/what-is-it called a Carver. I would love to get one, but they'd be about $40,000 imported... :-(
  3. Third, I saw this video of a man playing piano with juggling balls.
  4. Fourth, I saw this time-elapsed video of Picasso painting. Way cool.
  5. Finally, I saw the perfect diamond for Cathy's anniversary ring. Unfortunately, it is a giant diamond 50 light years away from earth.

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