Monday, January 22, 2007

Need C-C-Coffee!

Wow, what a weekend! So, our new tenants/neighbors moved in. We share so much in common that they actually feel more like neighbors, which is a great joy for me.

Sunday morning I started my new part-time job at church. I'll be taking over all computer maintenance and networking, administering the phone, alarms, and sprinkler systems. I'll also be helping out with the technical side of worship, so I get to be at church for both services from seven A.M. to one P.M. Wee! It is a strange sensation, knowing that I am going to receive a paycheck periodically for doing things I have volunteered for for years.

I have an eighteen page paper due Tuesday evening, so I stayed up late Saturday, got up early Sunday, and worked late into Sunday evening. Still have to work for a living, though...

Here's some Lee trivia for you: I drive regular coffee with a little sugar and a lot of non-dairy creamer.

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  1. Scratch the last question about the job. :) You answered it. I imagine that would be strange to now get a paychek for that type of thing. But also pretty cool.

    An 18-pager?! Yikes!

    Nicole trivia: I drink regular coffee with a lot of sugar and a lot of French Vanilla creamer...but I never finish a whole cup. In fact this morning's cup is still sitting here next to my monitor half-full. I should go throw it out...