Thursday, November 16, 2006

Update on Cathy and Everything Else

OK, here's an update on Cathy; in short, everything fine. It turns out that she ran out of this prescription for a anti-depressant. She'd been out for three days when we went to the urgent care, and we also picked it up that night.

Apparently, you can't just "run out of" anti-depressants... they cause weird things to happen, many of which Cathy also experienced. So... she's OK now. Thank you for your prayers!

On the apartment front, I'm painting with the help of friends this weekend. Hopefully, we'll be able to rent it out before the end of the month... (please, Lord?) Financially, we're barely making it, although it feels like we're borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. And, Cathy's mother is having difficulty adjusting to living in our larger place, even though she has her own room. *sigh*

On another bright note, however, I got an "A" on my last sermon. I'll probably post that later on. And, Boaz is getting very cute and cuddly... which means he's about ready for adoption.

To quote that guy with the kid from Lost, "I'll do it by doing it"... although I'll add "one day at a time" and "with the Lord's help." :-)

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  1. so glad to hear Cathy is better; praise God! you two take care!