Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OK, I Have Prayer Requests

So... an update on Cathy and me. We're still hopeful about the next Hep C test and that is five months away.

Well, in the mean time, Kaiser thinks that Cathy has Celiac Disease (basically, allergy to wheat). It'll take a month to get that result. The Hep C treatment appears to have messed up her thyroid, so now it is "hyper." Cathy is feeling tired (physically and mentally) and little things are frustrated to her. The frustration itself is frustrating to her because she is accustomed to being organized and stuff.

Cathys been having this senstaion of falling asleep, a sensation of falling, then waking up suddenly. She describes it as "microsleep" or nodding off, like that shock you feel waking back up. She's had this drowsy feeling... ever since the Interferon treatment.

Maybe it is a vitamin deficiency... there's also a slight scare that it may be MS. We'll get some test results from the dermatology department on the 20th, but the doctor says that if is negative, it is probably a false reading, and we'll need another "glutten challenge" where Cathy binges on wheat and takes the test again.

I'm finishing remodeling the apartment we bought. And I go to work 45 hours a week. And I am taking 12 units at seminary. And I am supposed to be an intern at church (though I feel the church is getting short changed). And I am supposed to be a supportive husband.

Not having the apartment ready, and having to do most all of it alone is wearing on me. Financially, we can't sustain a vacant apartment for another month, I think; we barely made the bills this month. *sigh*... I know things could be much worse, but we could use a some help, so I am asking for your prayers.

UPDATE @ 4PM: OK, Cathy just called and indicated she needs to go to the urgent care but cannot drive, and my mom-in-law is locked out of her car… so, I’m outta here.


  1. Lee and Cathy our prayers are with you - your table seems mighty full. May our Lord meet you in every area of your need and bless you beyond any expectation. From us Normans - Hugz!

  2. Yeah... sounds like you have quite a full plate. Maybe some things need to be reconsidered? We'll surely keep you in prayer.