Monday, July 03, 2006

See How Fast You Can Type

Ever wonder how fast you type? I think my adjusted typing speed is actually closer to 70 wpm, but this site say's I'm at 97 wpm. Give it a try yourself at

For an adjusted typing speed test, see also


  1. That's so weird that I was looking for a site to test my typing speed just a couple days ago. (A job app asked for it and I had no idea.) Cool!

  2. I think that's what (subconsciously) triggered me to post this... I started wondering what my typing speed is today. Back in high school typing class I was close to 90 wpm adjusted... today I'm closer to 70 wpm adjusted for mistakes.

    Most jobs only require 60, right? Cathy tells me that their executive assistants type 120 adjusted!