Friday, July 07, 2006

NY, GA Reject Gay Marriage

The Story: The highest courts of New York and Georgia ruled Thursday that same-sex couples are not entitled to marry.

Georgia said a 2004 ballot referendum banning gay marriage was legal. The vote in 2004 was passed by 76% of the voters, and Georgia's top court reinstated the ban Thursday, ruling unanimously that it didn't violate the state's rule for ballot measures.

The New Your Court of Appeals ruled 4-2 against the same-sex couples challenging the state's statute limiting marriage only between a man and a woman. The court found is allowing that any change should come from the Legislature.

Massachusetts allows gay marriage, while Vermont and Connecticut allow same-sex civil unions. Another 45 states have either constitutional amendments or statues banning gay marriage.

Comments: I understand arguments for protecting marriage. I do not think homosexuals are being unfairly targeted or marginalized; their influence far outweighs with numbers.

However, in the rush to "preserve the sanctity of marriage," there is a good point that homosexuals have made: if marriage is so sacred, why do Christians allow for such a high rate of divorce?

There's something to think about. If we are going to defend marriage, then let's truly hold it as a sacred institution. Marriage is not something to be entered into lightly, nor broken easily.

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