Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Le Rêve - A Collection of Imperfect Dreams

Le Rêve stageIf you have knowledge of Cirque du Soleil then you are aware of their acrobatic performances, some with permanent homes in Las Vegas. Some of the well-known Las Vegas titles include 'O' and Mystère. Franco Dragone was a creative consultant for Cirque du Soleil for many years. His credits include 'O', Mystère and "Celine Dion: A New Day" as well as "Le Rêve".

Le Rêve startLe Rêve is described as "a small collection of imperfect dreams". Like 'O', Le Rêve is an aquatic show. It is performed in a domed theater around a circular stage (designed by Dragone). No seat is more than 43 feet from the edge of the pool. Our point-of-view from our seats was close enough to be cause me to lose sight of the rest of the audience.

I was truly surprised that they allow you to take photos during the show, so long as you camera's flash is turned off. The show itself is very abstract, the costumes fanciful, and the actors are apparently in very good shape as they moved effortlessly through the water, on the gound and in the air.

The stage is round, and the audience surrounds the stage. There are three stage entrances, a central pool with a submersible platform and a high ceiling for acrobats on wires.

Le Rêve on fire! Le Rêve diving tree Le Rêve finale

There was a lot of dancing, diving and demonstrations of strength and balance. The show was 90 minutes but it went VERY fast! Each dream was interrupted by the comic relief provided by three or four guys in white suits.

It was quite an experience. Tickets were $89 for the first three rows, $110 for the middle rows and $99 for the last three rows. We got the first of the last three rows (most of the middle rows were empty) and we thought we had great seats. We have seen Mystère and enjoyed it. We'll probably see 'O' at some point, and maybe I can give a comparison then.

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