Saturday, March 25, 2006

Keeping My Cool

I am very protective of my wife. Actually, I have always been protective of the women in my life, starting with my mom when I was still a child.

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There isn't much that gets me upset, or that gets my blood boiling. However, I am very protective of Cathy, almost too much so. She's a big girl, I know. Perhaps it is the old-fashioned chivalry that my father instilled in me. He always stood beside her, he always backed her up (even when it was her fault). I admire my father so much that I emulate even his faults, which are few. All of my faults are my own responsibility.

It is because of my attempt to retain ownership of my faults that I need to moderate my reactions. When I am under physical or verbal attack, I can remain relatively calm. I need to extend the objectivity I retain to encompass when my wife is attacked.

To be sure, I will defend her. However, I can do so much better, and benefit her more, if I keep my cool.


  1. maybe it is a "problem you need to deal with" but it also is a testament to your intense love for her. :)

  2. how do you post videos on blogspot?


  3. Who is being mean to Cathy?? I'll help you knock them out!

  4. I'll have to post something on video blogging... I cannot reply to Natalie.