Monday, March 20, 2006

Facial Communications Disorder

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I have a communications disorder: people cannot tell when I am smiling. I have a habit of hiding my teeth, which I developed as a result of a childhood accident in which I fell on my face. I grew up with oversized front teeth (they did not have the right size at the dentist) and I began to hide my teeth. Contrast a photo from my childhood and this photo of me and Zachy-Pooh.

The pastor I report to couldn't tell I was (1) smiling and (2) very excited about the opportunities I have before me. I wonder if other people I love and care about have the same problem?

Cathy has been helping me practice and giving me feedback on my nonverbal communication. Lord willing, this will improve quickly!


  1. I found this link...

  2. Thank you. Perhaps it is the depth of the relationship we shared with you two? Cathy says that I have improved in the last week or so... I'm gonna keep working on it for those hapless strangers!