Friday, December 03, 2004

Update on Zechariah #3

Hi friends,

Cathy & I visited Zechariah last night at 08:30 PM. The doctor indicated that Zech's body temperature dropped during the day, which was not a good sign. Cathy believed that Zech had been depressed being away from home, so we talked to the doctor and took Zech home with us to keep her warm. She was aware of us but unresponsive. We bundled her up and turned up the heater. Honestly, we thought we were going to lose her.

When we got home I closed off her favorite room and heated it up. As soon as we got Zech in the room she perked up, started looking around, and climbed out of the cage. She warmed up a bit as the night went on. We stayed up with her until Zech used the cat box and climbed onto her favorite chair. She curled up to go to sleep, and shortly after that we went to bed.

Today, Zech was still tired, but much more at ease. She's been at the vet today now where they're checking on her and feeding her a little bit hourly. I am going to pick her up at 2 PM PDT.

Thank you for your prayers, we may be out of the woods. I'll send out (Lord willing) final update next week. Feel free to call or email if you want more details than provided here.

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