Monday, October 10, 2016

Managing Java runtime installs with MSI product ID's in SCCM

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Anyway, perhaps you, like me, have to manage a large population of computers with Java installed. My campus was version locked to Java 7 update 67 for a long time, and now we're able to move on to current versions. By and large, I would determine what Java version is installed on a given computer through WMIC or SCCM queries.

For a SCCM collection, the most accurate way to filter for a particular Java version appears to be the MSI Product Code GUID string. There's a pattern, and I figured I would share it here.

So, here's a typical MSI Product Code, in this case for Java 8 Update 77 x86

And, here's a typical MSI Product Code, in this case for Java 8 Update 60 x64

Here's the pattern, with the platform, major version number and update number:

I assume you see it, the XX being either 32 or 64 (bit), y being 7 or 8 (major version), and zzz being the update number (077 for update 77).

One tip, if you are making a collection in SCCM for Java 8u77, you'll need two query rules for your membership, one for 32bit and one for 64bit.

Hope that helps.... I know I'll probably look this post back up if I can't find the Java MSI Product Code in a few months.

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