Monday, March 17, 2008

Up and Down, Up and Down...

Looking back over the last year or so, our lives have been crazy, with lots of ups and downs. Through it all, God has been unchangingly good. Thank God!
  • Cathy had Hep-C, but she was healed!
  • Then Cathy lost her job, and we found out Cathy's dad had cancer.
  • We almost lost Boaz because he swallowed a glass bead. But he recovered nicely!
  • Then we got tricked on our refinance into a really high interest rate.
  • But, hey, I graduated from seminary (finally)!
  • Then we had a slab leak, but the plumber gave us six-month terms.
  • And the Cathy's dad was healed! And Cathy got a job!
  • Then my father got sick and died. But I went to Taiwan and was reconciled with my mom.
  • My dad didn't leave a will, so I've got a small hill of paperwork to fill out to try to get support for my mom. But some fellow Christians (who remain anonymous to me) covered the cost of the trip!
  • Now we have to sell our apartment for less than it is worth. We will have terrible credit because we have to do a short sale (where you settle with the mortgage company to pay less than you owe). These days, landlords check credit when you rent, so we'd have a hard time renting. But we were able to buy a RV to live in and plan to use the money savings to pay off debt.
So... an update is LONG overdue.

My Mom: My mom is doing OK. She finally received that 'bereavement package' from the DoD HR department. Dad's bank account has to go through a kind of probate, so mom's not getting that money any time soon.

I've got two forms for her to sign, but it takes so long to mail them back and forth that I was hoping to send them to her as PDF files and cut half the journy. However, nobody there seems to own a printer! Everybody has email and IM (Yahoo! is very popular there) but nobody can print the PDF files. In fact, I had to explain what a PDF file is to several people. Anyway, it is slow going, but it is going.

Cathy: Cathy's job is going quite well, and her boss likes her. That is a blessing. Her health is good.

I'm doing OK. The kitties are cute and the doggy is dogged. All is well, considering!