Saturday, August 04, 2007

Vista: Five-Month Impression

OK, it's been five months since I first started using Windows Vista. I started off using Vista Ultimate, but frankly I did not find the additional features of Ultimate to be compelling. I tried using Media Center a couple of times and never used BitLocker. As I said previously, there's no compelling reason to upgrade from XP.

If you do upgrade, however, make sure that Vista has been available on similar hardware for a few months. My Toshiba laptop required a BIOS update to make all the hardware appear correctly in Vista, and drivers were not completely available until May. I would check for both drivers, firmware, and BIOS updates for your platform before upgrading.

Speaking of upgrading... my opinion on Vista editions is as follows:
  • Vista Home Basic: Why bother? It's just Windows XP with annoying UAC prompts.
  • Vista Home Premium: get a decent graphics controller
  • Vista Business: if you don't need Media Center, this is a better choice because of the advanced backup feature of disk imaging
  • Vista Ultimate: You better have top-of-the-line hardware and actually want to use Media Center, otherwise just use Vista Business
  • All Editions: get 2GB memory (1GB is bare minimum)
If you just want the graphical improvements, check out this article and this utility.

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  1. I have Vista Home Premium on my new laptop and I really like it. (Aside from the UAC prompts, of course. I seem to remember you posting some kind of work-around for this annoyance. Is that correct?) I agree with you that Home Basic is pointless so I made sure to upgrade to Premium when I order my laptop. But I like that it's easier to find documents and of course, I LOVE that it's so much prettier. (As you know, the girly-girl side of me is ALL ABOUT the prettiness of technology!) :)