Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Cat: Sophie

I'm really sorry I haven't posted sooner. We have a new guest, and Cathy has named her Sophie.

We don't really know much about Sophie. The vet indicates that she is about seven years old. She came to the shelter as a pregnant stray. So that's how Sophie came to be with us on Saturday, March 17th -- as a shelter mommy. Cathy was told she would deliver any day now.

When we got Sophie she was almost bony, although her stomach was truly very big. She was very friendly and has no fear of humans, so it seemed unlikely that she was always a stray. The vet indicates that she is in good health, except for being really hungry.

Cathy made a next for her in the "office" of our apartment and set it up in the large cage we keep around. Sophie delivered five kittens, we think three girls and two boys, but we're not really sure. (We thought Zechariah was a boy...)

The kittens are a week old now, with the youngest being one week old at 3 A.M. Sunday. You can see the album of Sophie's Kitties here.


  1. To clarify... Sophie will be adopted out, as well as her five kittens.

  2. DO the kittens need to be adopted through Fresh Start or can we get them directly from you when they're weaned from their mommy?

  3. You could get them directly from us, but you'd actually save money getting them from the shelter. They still need shots and spay/neuter. The $75 from the shelter is actually a better deal.

    Cathy is also getting some bottle babies on this Saturday if you're interested. (Sophie's kitties are not bottle babies, since they have their own mommy to feed and clean them.)