Monday, December 11, 2006

Switching to the New Blogger

12/11/06 08:54 AM
I'm switching to the new version of Blogger. So... I'm saving a copy of my template. I'll add a post later to note anything I had to adjust to make things work.

12/11/06 10:34 AM
Click for animation (467k)

Well, that wasn't too painful... The template elements are easy to manipulate. Naturally, none of the customizations I did transferred across. However, I saved a copy of my previous template (which Blogger apparently saves for you anyway).

I love the new font and color controls... don't have time to make changes right now, but at least labeling will work better, now. I supposed I'll have to relable my previous posts...

12/11/06 10:46
Wow. Comments sure come up faster.

12/12/06 13:06
Tagging is easy... and fast. I've already re-tagged my entire blog (all 460 posts). The performance is great, too. Next, I've got to figure out how to put my customizations back in...

12/15/06 15:23
Since I use Google for my homepage, my email, and my feed reader, posting a new entry is easier now. I no longer need to stop and enter separate credentials.


  1. wow... glad i finally switched. i'll mess around with it tomorrow. this gives me something to lood forward to on a Tuesday!
    cheers, Amy