Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Opinion on "The Break Up" Movie

Spoiler Alert: if you intend on seeing "The Break Up," read no further.
We saw "The Break Up" last night.

I hated it. If I want "real life" I'll watch reality television. When I watch a movie about romance, I either want "that's romantic" or "that was nice," not, "well, that sucked."

Just my $0.02


  1. I TOTALLY agree! A "romantic comedy" should at least have a little romance. The whole movie was them fighting - how UN-romantic can you get? I just cringed throughout the whole thing. Ugh.

    That's MY $0.02. (Now we have $0.04! If we get 213 more people to put in their $0.02 we can go to Blockbuster and get a REAL romantic comedy...like 50 First Dates of The Family Man!)

  2. Yeah. I mean, I related to it... Cathy & I had a similar fight (the one after the big dinner), and we worked through it.

    I sat through all the discomfort and the nails-on-a-blackboard stuff to get to "hey, let's do it right this time," not "well, have a nice life."

    We're going to try "The Lake House" next... At least I'm paying a flat fee for my Blockbuster rentals.