Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cathy's Last Shot!

I can't believe I have been so busy that I haven't said this yet...

Cathy had her last shot! That's right, no more injections! This is her final week of treatments, and then it is just the six-month wait for the final results.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers during this past year. Please keep Cathy's health in prayer, that she will be completely healed at the six-month mark.

As a reminder: the treatment is intended to kill the virus. If, at the six-month mark, there are no viruses remaining, then Cathy will live out the rest of her normal lifespan. Otherwise, we should have between 6 to 12 years together.


  1. Wow... it goes all the way back to May/June of 2005. Cathy somehow got a liver disease, and looking further the docs found she also had Hepatitis C. By July 2005 we knew it was Hep C for sure and started weekly shots in August of 2005. That took a year, but it is finally done.

    In terms of prayers, I've got another post coming, but no we are praying it worked. We will get our first results in a week, if she is clean we retest in 3 months, then at 6 months, then at 1 year.

  2. I'm sure that was one of the longest years Cathy ever had. Can we vote on her being 100 percent virus free?? My vote is that she is. Will you post something when you get the first weeks results back?
    "All the kitties of the universe" are praying for her too!

  3. Thank you both! I will certainly be updating the blog when I have more info...

  4. the Lord continue to be with you both!