Monday, April 24, 2006

S.M.A.R.T. Sunday Sermon

Cathy & I had very nice Sunday. The pastor's message was relevant and encouraged us to be "S.M.A.R.T." in our everyday Christian living. In other words, we should:
Study the Bible & Jesus
Meditate on the Bible & Jesus
Abandon the old self
Renew our minds
Transform into the new self

Cathy & I were joined by our friend Chris & Laura (the one who drew the ducks) for church. Before Cathy managed to invite them to lunch, they invited us to go to Kabuki for Japanese food. Chris & Laura were willing to share this $50 gift certificate they received, and Cathy & I are always willing to help eat sushi! Yes, the food was good, although I admit I still prefer a local sushi place that translates to "Smile-Smile". The company, however, was fantastic. They are a great couple (and they look cute together) and we share very similar interests. We'll be saving seats for them during service.

After that wonderful lunch we caught a nap before heading to the bookstore. We visited a Barnes & Noble where Cathy perused several real estate books and made a purhase. I had tea and alternated between reading homework, researching church visitors and what keeps them coming back, and also some light reading. After an easy dinner at Baja Fresh we retired for a quiet evening at home.

One of these days we'll drive to a Panera Bread, or they'll finally build one closer than 20 miles away from home.

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