Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Church Workaholic & Easter

I am a workaholic. While my lovely wife is helping me manage my tendencies to overwork in my day job, when I am in church I still feel too driven to do as much as I possibly can.
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I have learned that I can't do everything, and I certainly cannot fix everything. Still, I will do my part to both fulfill my own responsibilities and to enable others to perform their roles.

The Easter service was great; Pastor Mike balanced the needs of believers to celebrate the resurrection with the needs of the unchurched for explanations and understanding of the story of this Resurrection Sunday. I got to greet a lot of new people and have some ideas for the first impressions piece now.

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  1. Fresh Start wants to thank you for helpimg us! And also special thanks to Cathy for sharing you with us.
    Rebecca, Lisa, Sarah and "all the kitties of the universe".